Friday, January 13, 2012

art work

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
its a long time i didnt make a new post.i'm really busy with tutorial and a non stop assignment n in matrix was like argghhhhhhh.dnt noe what to say,seriously.i juz have to be patience until april. so guys,pray for my success in mid term exam
after raya cina.hopefully i can achieve pngk 4.00.ameen!!

panjang lak aii intro.haha.erm,actually saje je nak share some of my art work.duduk kat matrix ni kalo boring nak wat pe lagi,drawing lahh.sangat seronok dan boleh wat otak ni relax je.x yah nak pikir2 F=qE amende njoy,feel free to give some comment for me to improve my skill.hehe

ni my first trial.a little bit messy.hehe

upc0ming chinese new year!!

my roommate birthday,Syafiqah!

Lee Pui Hong birthday' of my BFF at KMNS!love u,girl..

so that all i wanna share with you.thanx for more thing,this is originally created by me,huh?takde cetak rompak ye.haha