Wednesday, November 11, 2009

something about guys

if u treat him nice,he;ll say u're in love with him
if u don't he'll say u're proud
if u dress nicely,he'll say u're tring to impress him
if u don't he'll say u're from kampung

if u argue with him,he'll say u're stubborn
if u keep quiet,he say u've no brains
if u're smarter than him,he'll lose face
if he smarter than u,he is great

if u don't love him,he'll try to forced u
if u love him,he will leave u
if u don't let him come closer to u,he will say u don't love him
if u let him come closer to u,he say u're so cheap

if u tell him ur problems,he say u're troublesome
if u don't,he say u don't trust him
if u scold him,u're like nanny to him
if he scold u,its becoz he cares of u

if u break ur promise,u cannot be trusted
if he break his promise,he is forced to do so
if u smoke,u're a bad girl
if he smoke,he is a gentleman

if u do well in an exam,he say its ur luck
if he do well,its his brains
if u hurt him,u're cruel
if he hurts u,u're too sensitive

" on earth can we girls trust u??
u're soooo unreasonable,unreliable,unrealistic n unbelievable.."

p/s: not all guys outside like that...but almost break up the bad thing bout u..prove to us..
that u're responsible n stand beside us in the university...

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