Sunday, January 24, 2010

my dear,syuhaidah

assalamualaikum w.b.t
this post is actually dedicated to my dear sis
omg!!she'll be transfers to SMAP KAJANG
oh n my,i cant accept it
but it is the must!!
she still have 1 weeks at SHAMS
i'll use each time of minute n seconds preciously
why do u want to tranfers??
i think SHAMS is better than enough
but i still cant change ur mind
and wateva it is,i'll always support u from d' back
study in wateva school is not the matter,but i belive u can lives there strongly
i'm gonna miss u soooo much n also ur jokes
thanks n sorry 4 everything,dear
seriously,i cant let u go..but when talking on the basis of knowledge
i have to!!
hopefully,u'll be better there wit ur new friends
ily,dear!!n always contact me k??
kokode wa nai soko e yukeba
kokoni wa nai nanika ga aru
kimiga komi wa shinjitara
never ending story yume wa tsuzuiteku
it's not here,but if u go there
there'll be something that u dont have here
if u belive in urself
never ending story ur dreams will continue
i dont want to face dis friday
coz i'll let my tears down!!
ohhhhhhhhhhh..i cant..


snickers said...

bebyk la bwak beSABO ye kak.kawe pown tok sey hok nk bg dak f.4 p jejauh.sayu no aty kawe.....huhuhu

akuro kaminaga (",) said...

t'haru bce post nih..waa~
t'ingt kt dy..
i gonna misz u 2 dear..
BFF yerhh!!..