Saturday, August 01, 2009

welcome to sixteen club!!!

hey...i'm already sixteen...act my birthday is on 29th July..i'm staying in hostel so that's why i'm writing this entry now!!thanx a lot 2 my parents cause always make me happy n growth me till now...thanx a lot too to my dearie frenz..

kak chik,wani,faa,hawa,ayuni,myrabell,ana,fana,sepet,ili,fitrah n many more..(sorry if i did'nt mention ur name..if i listing all my frenz,i'm gonna make another entry just the tittle..My Frenz!!huhu)

mom n dad

i dunno what 2 say..cause u're the part of my life..i love buth of u very much...thanx 4 supporting me when i'm in trouble..billion of forgiveness from me 4 all my wrong n childish habits..

so thanx a lot cause u'll be the first person who wish me..thax alot 4 da card and touching poem..
we met, it was luck..we talked it was by chance..we become frenz it..was destiny..we're still frenz it's decision...n we'll be frenz,that's my promise...

thanx cause willing to be my frenz..i miss u a lot lah..huhu...i'll make sure the cute bear will be in the very3x best situation..knowing a frenz like u make me happy in million way n if i have to let go i'll find a million reasons to make u stay with me...

thanx 4 ur card n beautiful gelang..and all ur kinndness n support!!luv u,girl....

million of thanx cause always be with me when i need u n support me when i'm in trouble...
dunno how to pay back all ur kindnest..may Allah bless u..u're my really true frenz..thanx again 4 da matter what the hour come sunshine or shower of fair..i't nive to find such a true frenz like u...

kak chik
thanx 4 da card..act u'll the person who wish me cause u already send da card from Jordan...thank you 4 remembering my birthday..i luv u sis...u're the best naqibah 4 me n one of important person in my life..usrah 07 best!!

thanx 4 da present from Jordan..i think that was the most2x precious gift i got!!

mysterios frenz

thanx 4 the gelang..i like it..

and all to my frenz... i love all of you.. n my family too...

life doesn't need 2 be 2 perfect

doesn't need 2 be 2 rich

doesn't need 2 be too famous

as long as all of u remember me

it's more than enough..

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m@m@ @zie said...

hepi belated besday sayang..