Saturday, August 29, 2009

can u speak these??


don't noe what am i going to blog...okeyh..
i'm not really want to make a long babbling...hu3..
urmm...i juz want to give a mouth practice..
u can try these coz it was really fun..maybe..
act i juz grabbed it from "buletin badar"
and these is the line..

she sells sea shells on the sea shore
but the sea shells that she sells
on the shore are not the real one..

i wish to wish the wish u wish to wish
but if u wish to wish the witch wishes
i won't wish the wish u wish to wish..

a sailor went to sea to see what he could sea
and all he cold see was

so..can u speak that??
ermm....i luv the second stanza...
that was nice n the most easier..(4 me la)..
how about u??
what r u waiting 4....
juz try it more fluently...ha3..^_^

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