Thursday, September 24, 2009

raya without's different!!

hey...long tyme didn't write...

bth..selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin..'s wonderful...during raya..

gathering...snapping pic...n the most..eating!!haha..

miss my relatives n family a lot...

aaa..i got the duit raya..kah3..

but these could be more wonderful if along is malaysia..

this is along's first raya without ismail's member..

she'll celebrate it with her frenz at Egypt...

n i hope she'll be there happy n happy..

we all miss o a lot...

but she told year she'll be back..

n celebrate raya with us..

owh..can't wait for that moment..

that must be the precious one...hahaha..

n here are some pic that along sent..from Egypt..


my sis..yg pakai tudung putih

other member's

okeyh that's all..i'm off..


maisarah said...

sekejab je masa berlalu..pejam celik,pejam celik dah genap setahun along kat mesir..dah makin dewaso anak2 daro along n seremban gang,slmt hr ry,maaf zahir batin..dtg jln kat usj klu nak ghasa menu special..kui3x

nurhamizah said...

haha..mmg sekejap..setahun tu..
mcm x rase jek!!..
selamat ari raye jgk kat mak ndah n family..nnt dtg ar rumah..
menu special??nk masak ape eaa??
chicken pai..i want it!!
miss ur cooking la..hak3..