Sunday, October 18, 2009

can't dance gracefully

hey...juz passing around
and wanna tell this..
final exam will starting tomorrow..
19 till 3 nov..
so to let my study more focus..
i'll stop blogging now till the final..
*x lame pon..juz 2 weeks+1 day jek!!hu3..
so hopefully all the readers pray 4 my success
i'll try my best to grab all A's in all subj..'s impossible..haha..
okeyh..till then..
see next tyme ya~

1 comment:

k farah said...

bittaufiq wannajah ye mizah
sory x reply msg..akk bru bleh bukk laptop

thun depan akk nak blik msia..insyaAllah

jmpa nnti ye
t8 care..
salam alaik