Saturday, October 17, 2009

this is the most i hate!!..hu3..
huh..dont noe wat 2 say la...
feeling so jealous to all pmr's candidate
but then they'll feel hows to stand in form 4
really2.......(judge it urself)
hmm..16 oct.. was shams celebration of hari raya
seronok la jugak..but sume org cam x sdr nk exam..hu3..
sepet..u really2 look gorgeous..hik3..
n also ili,farah,ayu,mira,hawa
not to forget to my dear sis..wearing blue as the sky..hi3
okeh3..not going to babbling anymore..
need 2 study..hehe..
wish me thousand of luck..ok??
but b4 i'm off to my study..
sorry to sepet
*i'm grabbing some pic from your's
n that's the pic..haha

i'm off here

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