Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Love,Wealth and Success

A woman came out of her house and saw 3 old men with long white beards sitting in her front yard.she did not recognise thembut insisted on inviting them into her house..
One of the man,stood up and said to her,"we do not go into a house together.i'am LOVE,there are my friends,WEALTH and SUCCESS.."then he said to the woman "go in and discuss with ur husband which one of us u would like to invite into ur house..
After much discussion,the husband finally decided that they should invite LOVE in so that they could have their house filled with LOVE..
When LOVE started to walking into the house,the other two men also get up and followed him.surprised the woman asked,"i only invite LOVE in,why are you coming in as well??..the men replied together, "if u had invited WEALTH or SUCCESS in,the two of us would have stayed out but since u invited LOVE,where he goes,we will follow..whenever there is LOVE,there is always WEALTH and SUCCESS..

pesanan penaja:
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dis story!!penat nihh
nak taip..hahaha..


aDik said...

erk mizah, mcm soklan bi yg kite wt arituh je,....hakahakah

nurhamizah said...

haha..memang pon..ske la dgn cter dye..huhu..

crow zero said...

Emm, samar2 la..sori tkpt r msg yg nk disampaikan..yg penting LOVE la

nurhamizah said...

erm..yg pntg LOVE la..betol la tu..
konsep cinta kat luas..cinta kat parents,friends,tcher n so on..so ble ade feeling cinta kat dlm diri,kejayaan n kekayaan akan ikut..
sbb cinta tu kan abstrak..x nmpak..unless melalu action la..kalo kite berjaya n kaya but kat dlm hati kosong je..kan mcm x bermakna..betol x??

p/s:other opinion??huhu..

AbdullahUmar said...

yo yo yo ko mizah?? huhuh

cikgu said...

cik mizah bole jg pgganti ustzh siti noor bahyah...huhu

nurhamizah said...

who's the cikgu??
pandai2 je la..tp terigin la jgk.haha..