Monday, April 26, 2010

it's hard to influence people!!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,
hey there,i'm still in Penang.i'm not going to school it nice when surfing internet with a waterfall view?haha..thats tooooo much nice.if u dont believe it,come here!i'll show u..huhu..okeyh,actually i wanna tell do i,here,updating my blog.

There were three boys lived in a village. They were very naughty and always spread news like a fairytale. Everyone hated him, but they didn’t care what were all the peoples said about them. They just went to school only to disturb and bully other students. The entire teacher stunned, don’t know what should they did. Until a teacher from Sabah came. And the story begins...

First day she came to their class, she just smiled to them. She started the lesson with a lot of interesting games. They all enjoyed them so much. The teacher followed what they want. Much more playing than studying, but it doesn’t mean she just kept quiet when they did something wrong. She tried to do so many ways to attracted them. She told them about car racing, motors and football. They all loved the teacher and started to turn into a new leaf. All the school stuff proud to her.

Suddenly, she got a letter from a Ministry of Education to transfer to Sarawak. The three boys knew about that and they were disappointed after heard that. They said to the teacher, “if you transferred, we don’t want to go to school anymore”. She told them, “ I loved all of you and hopes that you will changed your attitude even I’m no longer be here.”

After a month the teacher was in her new school, she heard that the three boys turn back to their bad attitude. She just prayed for them because she no longer can’t change them if they don’t want too. All she can do was just prayed for them to earn a better life.

the moral of the story:

it is different when we change because of someone else or with our heart.Mr azam told me,:"bile kite berubah sbb org lain,org tu akan buat balik bile kite x de sbb die berubah hanya sbb KITA!!

Do something with your heart.u'll get the point!

*if u still can't change a peoples or hate with what they do,just prayed for them.Allah akan sentiasa bersama org yg sabar.

*Dont u ever give up.even sometimes its kalo sabar pon ade batas!!ye ke??

the story is created by me

x de kene mengene dgn sesape
just a story to remember all of u!!
gomennasai!!kalo sesape yg terase..

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