Friday, April 23, 2010


salam...hey,long tyme didn't write anything!!almost 2 weeks lar..i've lots of work to do ..haha..act nothing much i wanna say..i'm just going randomly...

its April now!!
juz have 4 or 5 month before sitting on that BIG examination..

guess what??? SPM..huhu
i'm feeling like butterflies in my stomach..
have u ever feel that??huh!!

but wateva it is,
i MUST get the best

to BEAT him(whose dat??my cousin??arghh,wateva!!) *even i think its kinda hard!!
its a MUST,dear mizah..rememnber that,ok!

please do something to grab...


11A+ or at least 11 A
(coz the '+' is hard 4 me,maybe but its not impossible,ryte?) *insyaAllah-
also a bunch of prayer for my dear frenz,
zulfaa,ili,wani,ayuni,sepet,iffah,hawa,ana,farah,fitrah,fatin n the whole class of 5 ikram n also my batch!! hopefully we can do the best,try to catch a jump of southern East!!

yeah!!we can do the best..insyaAllah
gonna miss all of u

it is wrong if i ask all of u
to pray for our success?
can u do that??

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

miz,i pray 4 u!!!!
gonna jump together,,
ignore 'him' kay?
epy penang,,haha